Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Heart

This is Ciera, my 6 year old niece, who confidently totes my heart around in one palm & her gerbil (hamster?), Snowflake, in the other. Ciera-Boo-Beara, she of the jump rope mania, the 'Daddy, I don't WANT a ponytail' wail, she who is the serious fashionista (pink, or cheetah, please, & all of her jynormous collection of jewelry at once), she who can ingest 29 vienna sausages in a row if Daddy isn't monitoring her intake, she who will consume pickles and/or cheese coming, going, & in her sleep, even the 'stinky' cheese, she who usually possesses 'garden feet'(dirty dirty dirty, but with polished toenails) whenever I visit, which is a lot.

Now is most definitely the time for her official introduction to this-my-blog, as she figures prominently in my every thought.


Veronica said...

Ciera is adorable here and I am sure she is so spoiled by her Auntie.

grizbaird said...

We must procure a photo of Aunt Toni and Ciera in their cheetah get-ups.