Monday, August 27, 2007

Bobby Brown, by request (here ya go, Kelly-lol)

These are the most recent pictures I have of my husband -- these were taken May '06 in Italy (Venice, Tuscany, Rome) & only tolerated [by him] because of the fact that we were in Italy & do-overs weren't exactly going to be possible the following weekend. Normally, he will NOT allow his photo taken; or he makes ridiculous faces to ruin all potential shots. In these Italy pics, he's containing his disdain of being photographed to the point that he looks either serious as a monk, or seriously constipated (sorry, Honey)!!! But who cares, he's still gorgeous, gorgeous I say!!

Top: in Venice, Bobby, me, my mom (Molly)
Next: in Rome, looking at a ruin of a horse racing track.
Next: in Rome, he not only hates having his picture taken, he doesn't want to see it in the digi-cam
Bottom: in Tuscany, Bobby & friends taking a cooking class (the fried sage they made for us was INCREDIBLE!!! I'll never forget that. The whole meal was good but that sage, wowza!)


Veronica said...

it looks like you guys are having the times of your life. I only wish Rick and I had been there with you but who knows we are looking to going ourselves what are the chances that you and bobby would go back?????