Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Re-Think of Postings

I came home tonight in a frenzy of excitement, wanting to review my journals to see what I wanted to post (i.e. the collage to go with the 'Bones' poem I already posted). But in reviewing that, and some of the other precious/proud pages, I realized I had used several black & white photos which I'm not sure are copyright-free. Matter o'fact, I know that the ones I used in the Bones collage are NOT -- I ripped them out of Focus magazine and another collection of photos. I don't want to start a habit of showing 'my' work when it's centered on the art of others, not unless a) I have their permission and/or b) I can give credit, name the photographer, or at the very least the exact publication/page. No no no. I would feel pretty intruded upon if someone did that to me. So instead I'm going to stick to other, equally cool pages but which I can call 'mine' in a more precise sense. As I mentioned in an earlier posting, I'm still in the copying stage, and when it comes to 'drawn' things, I'm probably ALWAYS going to be in that stage. So some of my journal entries include elements I've seen/been inspired by in magazine ads or articles, and I've incorporated them into a journal entry and made them my own. I'm making it my statement right now that if I've done that, I'll make sure to say so when I post such an entry. I'm also going to pay close attention, going forward, to the sources of the images I use, write down names of folks, publications, etc.

Actually, my hope is that I'll have more time, and the resources, to start shooting my own photographs. Having been my Dad's unofficial-but-rapt understudy all these years, and as I told Veronica -- I'm capable of taking some darn good pictures. And if they're 'mine', I can do whatever I want with and to them without ANY unintentional or accidental thievery.

Bottom line is that every artist in every genre works too hard at his craft for Toni Baloney to come along & partake without concern or care, even if what I make out of it is 'good shite'!!! As long as it's in my personal journal, which normally nobody sees but me, I am willing to live with myself. But posting it feels wrong.