Wednesday, August 29, 2007

July 12th Collage

I did this collage on my birthday, just past. The painted drawing of the lady is copied from a breast cancer article; I loved it and wanted to see if I could duplicate it. [I can't remember the article, but it seems the publication was Cooking Light - but maybe not.]

What I wrote on the opposite page is this:

"Today is my birthday. I always look inside to make certain I still know who I really am. At work, and sometimes in other places and at other times, I feel like the mannequin, someone who is very careful about her behavior because of my circumstances. But inside, I am soft, sometimes hurting, always honest, fragile but also strong, and today as I am copying/trying to painting this, I feel beautiful. My heart stays pure because I remember to laugh, and to love, and also to create."